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Comprehensive CFO & Advisory Services in Brunswick

Our CFO & Advisory Services are tailored to elevate your business to new heights. For our top clients, we offer one-on-one guidance, delving deep into your business operations to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Our services encompass a thorough analysis of your product and service offerings, ensuring your resources are optimized. We meticulously review financials line by line, comparing them to previous periods to pinpoint growth opportunities or challenges. Our expertise extends to tax structure reviews, reasonable compensation analysis, and internal control/systems analysis. Additionally, our cash flow forecasting and budget management services empower businesses to plan for the future, while proactive tax planning helps reduce overall tax liabilities.

Glenn R. Luisi Accounting, Inc. provides accounting & financial services to clients throughout the southeastern US, including but not limited to Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, The Florida Keys and Wilmington. We also offer our services nationwide.